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December 9, 2000

Well, we did it! On December 9th, Susan and I were married in Elkin NC. Susan is a wonderful woman and was definately worth the wait.

People have asked us how we met and we love to tell them that we met on the internet! We are both members of (which in itself is a wonderful site) and one of the sponsors is Dating Faces. We were both registered and destiny or fate whichever you want to call it stepped in and we met and fell in love and were married.

People are usually leery of meeting people on the internet, as well they should be, but we both believe that honesty is the best policy! As long as both parties are honest with each other, if it was meant to be it will be

I am working on putting together a wedding album, once all the pictures are developed, and this way everybody can share the day that was our wedding. Check back in the near future and see what has developed. Thanks for stopping by

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