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My Awards
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My Awards
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Welcome to my Awards page! This page was created when I first started recieving awards and was totally astounded that someone else thought my pages were good enough to merit thier award. Since then I have decieded that I would create and offer my own awards to others who have put a lot of time and effort into the creation of thier pages and believe me ther is a lot of time and effort put into these pages!

I do however have a few rules or guidelines that must be met in order for me to grant you an award, so read them carefully and if you feel that you qualify, feel free to fill out the form and submit your site. (I am not that strict, so apply for any award you want, you never know) Good luck!

Here are the rules, or guidelines that I use to consider sites for an award

1: Nice layout and design

2: Easy to navigate

3: No ADULT sites

4: The obvious fact that a lot of time and effort has gone into the creation of the pages

 5: NUDITY in GOOD taste on fantasy sites or other site will be considered


Now that the official business is out of the way, please feel free to apply for any of the awards below.

This is an award I give to sites that show a lot of creativity and hard work.


This award is for those sites that have a little something extra added to them. I am not real strict with what I consider "something extra" so if you feel your site has something extra please apply


This award is self explanatory. This is for sites that are indeed AWESOME


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